Wednesday , June 23 2021

Singles Day moved 40 billion euros in China – Economic newspaper

November 11, known as "11.11" (or Double 11), is traditionally called "Singles Day" and translates into an entertainment festival celebrated in China to celebrate being single. In recent years, the date has been used to make good promotions in the largest stores in the country, spread all over the world and become one of the dates when more online shopping is already moving around the world. The Portuguese mail company joined AliExpress, with its national customers on an exclusive platform, available through the CTT website, which suffered from additional discounts.

For the biggest day of retail in the world, China's Singles Day, this Saturday is expected to sell hundreds of millions of Chinese on the date similar to Black Friday in the United States, but on a larger scale.

The day came to celebrate 2009 by Nanjing University students, and is marketed annually by the Alibaba e-commerce group, the largest e-commerce platform in China, which will mark the 10th edition of "Singles Day", a mega- shopping event that darkens Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Amazons Prime Day.

In the online world, preparation is prepared in advance and there are already many online stores with ongoing campaigns. Until 21 November, the Internet public will receive discount coupons daily for different products, games, direct promotions on smartphones, tablets and other smart home and well-being products among many other actions.

But it's not just about buying in China, because Double 11 will be a trend of great deals in online stores around the world. And there are many stocks in the European Union that make shipping faster and safer.

This year, purchases will reach 400 Chinese cities and more than 200,000 stores in the country, with the Alibaba group, founder of Jack Ma 1999, doubling the campaign period in the country: from 24 to 48 hours.

Last year, the online giant sold $ 25 billion ($ 22 billion) per day, 40 percent more than 2016. Chinese trade sold a total of about $ 45 billion about 40 billion euros.

Singles Day is also the busiest date for orders around the world: in 2017 they amounted to 657 million, making the date an unrivaled logistic challenge.

CTT and AliExpress Launch Partnership for Singles Day

CTT and Alibaba Group AliExpress is a partner in an exclusive campaign for the AliExpress Shopping Festival, China's "Black Friday", which consists of various promotions, coupons, coupons and other dynamic content related to AliExpress campaigns that correspond to orders shipped to Portugal. National customers thus have access to an exclusive platform, available through the CTT website, which receives additional discounts. Orders will be delivered by CTT and China Post.

According to the Portuguese company with this joint initiative, there will be even greater benefits in terms of discounts and promotions that can be linked to the huge universe of items that can be acquired through the AliExpress portal.

In a statement, CTT said that it is the first time a website where exclusive discount coupons for Portuguese customers purchased during the festival, ending November 12, will be available to AliExpress customers.

Access to this exclusive platform should be via the CTT website and Portuguese customers will also have ePacket and China Post Registered Mail services available to receive their orders from the national company, says the statement.

According to Alberto Pimenta, CTT e-commerce director, "this partnership shows the growing importance of e-commerce in Portugal and CTT's role in the management and development of this ecosystem," notes that "the association with an e-commerce giant that AliExpress enables the two companies to know in a coordinated manner the possibilities of internet sales worldwide, on the side of AliExpress and the nationwide deliveries on the CTT page. "

AliExpress is a company of AliBaba Group and assumes itself as the largest market in the world, with 100 million users. AlExpress was launched in 2010, offering more than 20 product categories and introducing new technology in the shopping experience. Last year, more than 231 countries and regions participated in the Shopping Festival, with more than 17 million buyers worldwide.

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