Thursday , May 13 2021

A man's zombie skinn after exposure to the sun

A 29-year-old tourist in Australia was on expedition to Greenland for 3 weeks, where she picked up purple tracks that turned into blisters that burned and did itchiness.

The wounds "looked pretty bad, almost like a zombie skin," the man wrote. After going to the hospital, she discovered that it was due to a bizarre chemical reaction between the light-sensitive compounds contained in the green lemon she consumed and the ultraviolet rays from the midnight sun, according to Live Science.

The condition, called phytophotodermatosis, is an inflammation of the skin. It occurs when a light-sensitive compound called psoralen found in lemon juice reaches human skin and is activated by the sun's ultraviolet light, according to coauthor Luit Penninga, surgeon and director at Ilulissat Hospital from Greenland. This has happened. When the man pressed the lemons, some of their juice came into their hands and did not blow their hands due to lack of water, the juice remained on the skin for at least 10 hours during which it reacted with the ultraviolet rays.

Such cases may occur everywhere in the world. "We know the bartenders in exotic places that work in the sun all day and prepare lemon juice drinks, choose with severe inflammations and skin damage," added Penniga.

"Although we are in northern Greenland, the sun can be strong in summer. In summer it's time 24 hours a day, and in winter it's dark for several months," said the researcher.

The doctors tied their hands and gave him antibiotics to prevent infections. They recommended wearing gloves to protect their hands from light. The man reported that his hands were swollen and itchy for another four weeks, but for two months he recovered almost completely.

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