Friday , October 22 2021

A user interface from Samsung will not have a free interface theme. Users must pay


Samsung users have so far reached an extensive collection of themes for the TouchWiz / Samsung Experience interface in a dedicated application that will be preinstalled on the phones. However, it turns out that the transition to the new One IE, which will match the upgrade to Android 9.0 Pie of South Korean phones, will also limit access to free content, where users are forced to pay to customize their user experience.

Samsung has begun sending messages to users of the Galaxy S9 and Note9 and informs them that as soon as phones move to Android 9.0, free themes across the interface will be available for only 14 days. They will automatically turn off and users will have to pay to continue using them. During the last two days of each theme, Samsung sends messages that inform them that the "test period" approaches the end.

The motivation behind this decision is the company's desire to reward designers of themes, which will be able to offer new content to the dedicated business as long as they are rewarded for their work. Themes of this kind were greatly appreciated by many users who could apply a new identity via the Samsung interface without having to install other launchers or change the operating system to find a design that represents them.

It's interesting and fun, because Samsung mentions the name of its proprietary interface like "TouchWiz", a name that it has tried to avoid since the launch of the Galaxy S8 when it is referred to Samsung Experience. But users have not stopped saying that, and the new One interface will probably be called TouchWiz, as this is the name the company used from 2008 to 2017.

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