Thursday , January 21 2021

David Duchovny made a show in Bucharest. Between these pictures is 26 years!

Full of charm, the actor who also plays with music was expected at the end of the show of autograph fans. Even former model Dana Savuica was happy to meet her favorite star: "Today I met David Duchovny, Agent Mulder from" X Files. "I can tell you that David is very calm, warm and humorous, a charismatic man. to surprise you in Romanian, so I taught him to say "Thank you." We listened to him as he traveled on stage and applauded him for his voice, songs and band. He asked us where we were from and he "scared "When he heard someone was from Cluj. Uuuhhh, Transylvania. She approached me, held my arm over my shoulders, talked to me, asked me how she called me and told her" Dana, like Dana Scully "-" his partner in the movie, "Savvu wrote on Facebook.

2019. David, along with Dana Savuica, after his show in Bucharest

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