Saturday , October 23 2021

Emi Gal, the polling area that revolutionizes the diagnosis of cancer


Emi Gal, the young man in Satu Mare and Zuckerberg in Romania, revolutionizes how cancer patients are diagnosed. Instead of painful biopsies, Tech Tech says, the system developed by Satu Mare is based on MR and artificial intelligence.

Emi Gal, a young man from Satu Mare, who became famous after selling his Braininent company, has begun a new start. This time it is about the medtech industry. Practically, Emi Gal has found a way to diagnose cancer, more available. Instead of biopsy, it builds on a blend between MR and artificial intelligence.

Gal is working to get permission from the US government to regulate the medical field to use artificial intelligence to diagnose cancer. Tests made so far have had a 90% success rate. Gal has launched a program for New York residents who can subscribe to their scanning program. The price of a subscription, which includes MRI and access to doctors, is $ 999, compared with 1,500 for a regular date.

Emi Gal: A faster, accurate and painless diagnosis

The thought came to Gal thanks to his collaboration with the Hospices Of Hope Foundation, which deals with end-stage cancer patients. He wanted to help develop faster and less invasive diagnostic methods.

"One of the biggest cancer problems is that we still do not have a quick, accurate and painless method to scan the body to find out where the cancer cells are," says Emi Gal of Tech Crunch.

The tests were done for prostate cancer, but Satemane hopes that eventually it will implement its MR and AI system for all cancers. In this way, with a faster and more efficient diagnosis, more lives could be saved.

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