Saturday , February 27 2021

How does the mayor of Timisoara explain his "problem" with the DNA

Mayor of Timisoara Nicolae Robu explains in a Facebook post that it is his "problem" that DNA has said that he has signed documents prepared by the City Hall office for sale of glass free, without water and electricity and without land, while the DNA assessor says that the price is over 70,000 euros. He claims he has nothing to do with the rest of the case, which talks about selling 1,000 homes before becoming mayor and considering victims of addiction.

"We have signed a sales contract drawn up by the City Hall and the LEGALITY GARDEN with 5 signatures for the two apartments in the picture, one for 25 square meters, another for 50 square meters – actually: some magnets on a farm that had no doors, windows, water , EL! – WITHOUT COUNTRY, with the price of 112 teams of 11,300 euros, and the DNA assessor, paid from public money (!!!), claims that he must be sold with over 70,000 euros! 70,000 euros without terrain, I repeats, "writes Robu in an entry called" Here is my DNA problem! "

He points out that it has nothing to do with the rest of the file, which talks about 1,000 homes sold before being mayor and a loss of over 40 million euros.

"Judge yourself whether it's a victim of addiction!" Says Robu

He points out in a manuscript that he has gone to the street – and he will go out! – For an independent justice without which, according to his conviction, "there is no civilized society, but not independent of justice, justice but of people and interest groups".

Mayor of Timisoara Nicholas Robu was heard on Monday morning at the DNA headquarters on his departure and said he sold "two magherni" under his signature.

"I'm an ultraconvent, ultimate man in everything I do. My only wealth to this age, with all the features I have, is glory. I can not be rebelled when someone attacks my honor and excites my own mood. Why should I Why do my name appear in a piece of material that on four and a half pages of six is ​​it completely strange to me? In my case, only two magnets of town hall were sold, not me, with a signature from me without me said that the tenants came later or other aspects. According to the guarantee that everything is legal, given by the specialist, Robu said at the DNA expiration.

In February 2017, DNA announced that Nicolae Robu and former Timişoara Gheorghe Ciuhandu were prosecuted for office abuse on the sale of 967 buildings, and the state's damage was EUR 40 million.

Together with them are still prosecuted, even for office abuse, deputy mayor Dan Diaconu, former deputy mayor Traian Stoia and former director of Timişoara City Hall Martin Staia.

"Between 1996 and 2015, several officials from Timisoara City Hall, like other people, broke their duties in connection with the execution of Law 112/1995 and deprived the Romanian state of 967 buildings, the majority being in the Old City Center, resulting in an estimated loss of 40 million euros at the expense of the state, "prosecutors show.

They state that Law 112/1995, which entered into force in 1996, gave the right to former owners and their heirs to recover property or to receive compensation for them.

"The law also gave tenants the right to purchase the property they lived in, but only to the tenants who, at the time of the entry into force of Act 112/1996, had contracts for renting these buildings and occupied them at that time," he explains investigator.

They show that officials in Timisoara City Hall sold real estate at reasonable prices to influential people who were not entitled to acquire them.

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