Monday , October 18 2021

It just came and broke? Rednics transfer could not start today in Dinamo


Mircea Rednic wants to test the football players in the last few weeks. That is why he planned a friendly match against Concordia Chiajna. The match takes place today at 14:30 in Ştefăneşti, and he is confronted with closed gates at the request of "dog" technician.

The launch team presented by Radio Dinamo has an interesting detail. In addition to the known accidents, Nistor, Popovici or Pesic, the Albanian is also displayed Naser Alija, recently transferred. So far, there is not much details about left-hand mode.

Nigerian Zenke is not part of the batch, but Tade and Montini, the latest purchases, will debut in the "dog" shirt.

Dinamo teamed up with Chiajna: Eşanu – Corbu, Deniz Giafer (junior 17), Katsikas, Vl. Olteanu – Ait Atmane, Gomelt – Hanca, Tircoveanu, Salomao – Montini.
reserves: Mutiu – Corbu, M. Popescu, Iosivoiu, Vl. Olteanu – Sorescu, Cretu, Cooper, Tircoveanu – Tade, D. Popa.

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