Friday , December 4 2020

Milk Owner Bradet: According to Romanian law, none of our employees is ill

Marius Badea, the owner of "Lactate Bradet", said on Wednesday that no employee in the company "is ill" and that "no bulletin harvested at the factory is not positive", as everyone is negative "and the seven employees who were found, did not work directly with cheese ".

Marius Badea, owner of "Lactate Bradet", stated at a press conference held on Wednesday that "legal analysis is good" and that no company employee runs "is ill according to Romanian law".

At the same time, he said that all employees are "trained" and analyzed the shelf samples, and "the results are all negative."

According to the company's owner, the seven employees found at E.Coli "found on packaged products, not directly with cheese" without direct contact with the product.

"The famous cheese found in the store was tested in our factory and sent for analysis in Germany. Our counterproba is negative, so we have to look at what has happened in the process," he told the press conference.

"As far as E.Coli analyzes are concerned, I said we should be investigating." "Since we stopped production, we have so far analyzed, we have looked to see if we are guilty or not." There is no evidence so far, Cantacuzino said there is no connection between the child's death and our products. We want to get the fight to find the cause of the baby's illness all the way, "the owner of" Lactate Bradet "says.

Marius Badea explained to journalists that there were seven "E. Coli Bearer Analysis Bulletins" which he said were not relevant because "people do not get their hands on products."

"We asked for special analyzes at Cantacuzino to see if there is a link." No one came to say we were wrong. "Our products are good, although these people have E. Coli, the products are of good quality. From new cumbersome products, we had an epidemic?", Explained Badea.

The owner of the dairy company accuses the "competent bodies taking these analyzes" that he had not informed him and learned the results of the analyzes in the press, even though he claimed to have "requested the information".

At the same time, Badea claims that there is "no bulletin harvested at the factory, is not positive" everything is negative.

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