Wednesday , October 27 2021

New hypothesis of suicide! What worries the young man had left his days


In May 2018 the young Arad was hanged. Oana Ioja appears as a defendant in a file opened on May 29 at the Arad Court, whose subject is "the registry of the registry". The logbook is a public register in Romania, which contains complete and accurate legal information about the property characteristics of natural and legal persons in the same city.

The young Arad that was hanged was sued. Next term is November 28th

The applicant in the file is a woman, and the accused, apart from Oana Ioja, is the city of Arada and a trading company. The trial had three deferred cases on 31 May, 3 October and 7 November, the next semester is scheduled for 28 November. Oana committed suicide on November 15, 13 days before trial.

The young Arad that was hanged was sued. Oana was found in her own home

To correct the farm, the young Arad was hanged. Oana committed suicide at the age of 32, found on her family home Wednesday night. She was the daughter of an important businessman in Arad, former director of the Arbema brewery. According to the data from the Arad County Police Inspectorate, "the woman was hanging in her own home. There are no suspicions about death. The body was transported to the Forensic Service for Necropsy."

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