Monday , October 18 2021

on what the Romans broke their money for the first three hours


Perhaps you forget what country you live in, so there are some eMAG statistics by Black Friday to know. During the first three hours on Black Friday, eMAG sold over 230 million leads.

Black Friday started at eMAG on November 16 at 6:57 pm. First showed the offers in the app, then the site was also functional. So far, eMAG has no problems with the site. We have collected some statistics after the first three hours to see what the world buys, where and how much money.

Black Friday on eMAG with gold and cars

During the first three hours, 1 683 grams of gold were obtained. They were ordered and 189 tickets for various events and 59 packages of telephone services. As cars, There were 93 orders placed and 82 bells and jewelry.

Those who bought chose to have courier delivery (over 65%), showroom (over 21%) and post office (about 13%).

Of the total number of goods sold, 33% of the orders with the card were paid. And most customers have entered the mobile campaign.

Different facts: The total time spent by customers on the site reached 88 years and over 100 days. It will increase during the day.

Compared with other years, eMAG has an interesting statistics for Black Friday. Distance distance: almost 73 million kilometers.

Which cities ordered the most BlackMag from eMAG

The highest values ​​recorded on an order were from Bragadiru (over 32 thousand tired), Cluj over 28 thousand tired), Voluntari (over 28 thousand tired) and Tecuci (over 26 thousand tired). The top continues with Dej, Constanta, Ştefăneşti, Mediaş, Bucharest (in the last two places.

Otherwise, the 10 black fridays of eMAG appear: Chiajna, Popeşti Leordeni, Bragadiru and Floreşti, followed by Otopeni, Miroslava, Magurele, Voluntari, Beiuş and Cluj. The peak is based on products sold to thousands of residents.

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