Tuesday , December 1 2020

Qualcomm claims that in 2019 we could have smartphones with 64 or 100 megapixel cameras: Gadget.ro – Hi-Tech Lifestyle


In the last few months, smartphones with 40 or 48 megapixel cameras have started to appear, and these sensors are also integrated into mid-range devices, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 the most concrete example.

It looks like things aren't stopping here, Judd Heape (Senior Product Product Manager, Qualcomm) said this year, there are many chances to see phones with 64 or 100 megapixel cameras. Current Qualcomm processors (Snapdragon 660, 670, 675, 845 or 855) support up to 192 Megapixel resolutions, so hardware options already exist.

But the logic behind these many megapixels is to combine 4 pixels in one. Practically, 48 megapixel cameras can create a detailed 12 Megapixel photo. This technology is called Pixel Binning and allows you to collect more information for a more detailed image (including more low light noise low noise information).

The same Qualcomm official pointed out that the next flagship processor (probably Snapdragon 865) will support HDR10 video recording.

Source: gmarena.com

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