Friday , October 22 2021

Simona Patraulea died. The famous presenter was 87 years old


Simona Patraulea made his debut in TVR with Valeriu Lazarov at the first release of the Golden Stag Festival. Then he presented the programs "Steaua fara nume" and "With mask, without mask".

For 13 years she was hosting the show where they debuted big names on the Romanian folklore, including Nicolae Furdui Iancu, Veta Biriş, Sava Negrean Brudaşcu, Maria Dragomiroiu, Nicolae Rotaru, Nicolae Mureşan.

In an interview given in 2016 for TVR 2, the presenter spoke about what happened in the 70's when the contests were broadcast.

"Most times, there were the miles of tails in which the preselections were held. There were thousands of young folk songwriters who wanted to participate in Flower Garden. We had to call the police to keep up and unlock the streets where competitors were waiting to meet the selection committee," said Simona Patraulea.

After Simona Patraulea retired, "Garden of Flower" was interrupted. It resumed after many years of another law.

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