Wednesday , July 28 2021

The Genoa-Napoli match was interrupted in the 59th minute due to the rain. Napoleans took advantage of the break

The heavy rain broke the Genoa-Napoli game and counted for 12th Serie A in the 59th minute on the 1-0 score for Grifoni. The referee sent the two teams to the booths, forced by the large amounts of water accumulated on the lawn, but also because of the low visibility. Ten minutes later, the game resumed.

Napoli players were forced to a breakthrough from bolar after 62 minutes, but Ruiz's Meriz tried to change the game. With 86 minutes played, Biraschi made his way up and Napoli made 2-1. Genoa opened the score in 20 minutes by Kouame.

The Genoa-Napoli match was interrupted in the 59th minute due to the rain

Ionuţ Radu had a fantastic opportunity to put Milik up another goal 36 minutes into the match, but he fired just over the crossbar. Our goalkeeper had nothing to do on Ruiz's goal, with time and space to do from 15 meters.

Genoa never crosses a good period. He has five consecutive matches without winning, even though he has replaced coach. He made an unexpected result on the Juventus field, making 1-1, but he has not played a big deal since.

In the previous round, griffins were humiliated by Inter, score 0-5. In comparison, Naples is obsessed with the championship on September 29 when he lost to Torino with Juventus. Genoa gives the champion of the championship, the Polish Piatek, who scored 9 goals in the first 11 stages. Naples has two prominent markers, Mertens and Insignia, each with seven goals.

In addition to the 14 successes, they also contributed to seven other goals, in the form of pants.

Although he has scored 25 points in the first 11 stages, Naples does not make too many calculations for the title, Juventus has an almost perfect path. However, Naples hopes to come out of a heavyweight team in the Champions League, where PSG and Liverpool are still there.

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