Friday , December 4 2020

The Queen of England refuses Meghan and Harry's last request. What not to have …

After the birth of their first child, Harry and Meghan, they move to Frogmore Cottage. They intend to set up a "Sussex" unit to cover all their humanitarian actions. To accompany this new unit, the couple wants to have a separate yard and be completely independent.

Queen Elizabeth allowed her nephew to leave the castle for full autonomy. But he thinks that a separate "only of them" yard shouldn't have. Therefore, she categorically opposed the demand for future parents.

Therefore, Meghan and Harry will stay under Buckingham Palace's "Slip"if we believe in the anonymous sources that provided this information to the British press.

A house away from the rest of the royal family, it was the desire

The audience expected to move to a larger apartment when Kate and William and their children moved to a neighboring apartment with the rest of the royal family being completely renovated. Work costs 1.24 million euros.

Surprisingly, however, Meghan and Harry preferred to move and settle definitively at Frogmore Cottage, a 17th century estate owned by Crown Estate. The house is located in the Frogmore complex, located within Windsor Park, Berkshire, half a mile south of Windsor Castle.

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