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Wolves from Celtic Park. Aggressive, brave, football players! Dan Petrescus student eliminates Celtic from the league after a crazy return with 7 goals and fantastic comebacks

You never walk Alone. Strange choice. Energies are concentrated in Celtic Park in a way identical to that in the larger houses in Liverpool or Borussia Dortmund. Among other. The super atmosphere we are threatened with every time we play in Western Europe is more of a "PR maneuver". That's right, it's loud, it's excitement, it's a chorus. But footballers like CFR, who over the years have felt the hostility to Peluza Sud Steaua, PCH Dinamo or T2 Rapid, can not be intimidated. Thanks for the fate that brought them to play in the Champions League at a history stadium, yes. But don't be alarmed.

The proof is the way in which Dan Petrescu's students start the fight. Not specific to Romanian teams, with aggressive pressure, in the third opponent. Deac wakes up alone in the box, misses an ideal position, but is also seriously bullied. The referee does not give a penalty, it creates nervousness in our camp and brings the Scots to life. Christie is the biggest danger, a combination of speed and technique in this regime, and the Celtics player is in a panic. There are many attacks perpendicular to the gate of Arlauskis, in speed, theoretically a problem for a few Vinicius – Burca not mobile at all. We get angry, calm down again, listen to Petrescu's cries and remember his aggressiveness. Omrani is on the left, looks up, centers perfectly, and Deac puts his head and the ball goes spectacularly first into the left post and then into Bain's net. It is 1-0 for Romanians we flow! We still bother with Djokovic's shot from 25 yards, one that Bain dismisses as a handball, with his foot, and then we manage. We defend ourselves with Burcă a hero, but we do not sit on two lines, enough to be dangerous in counter-attacks. We don't do nonsense, we only get excited when Rondon takes a yellow, then he roughly commits hard again. He will be forgiven!

Great football game

Just the judge, not Petrescu. The tour marker remains at the booth where our motivation seems to remain. The Scots are "picking us up" on the resume, the organized and cerebral CFR from the first half gone, instead being a scared team with an approximate defense. Arlauskis saves us with an excellent dive in the first few minutes, but he can do nothing but Forrest & # 39; s shot, the one who was in the box on a fast phase. 1-1, which means nothing to nothing, play! But we don't get it, we make mistakes, we throw ourselves, we simulate and we make an obvious defensive mistake. Burca and Aurelio go against each other, amateurs, and Edouard ends and says kissing hand. We are not losing hope, though we are about to take the third. Until the 74th minute when the referee gives us a correct penalty and Omrani makes 2-2, qualifying score. Yes, just not. In the purest Romanian style, although the actors are not all of us, we do not receive the third goal a minute later, when otherwise the rescuer Arlauski crosses the excellent mission until then.

We live with the pills next to us. It’s crazy in Scotland where the new peacock entry magically shoots from 20 yards out, Bain leaps off the side and Omrani is on the field sending a missile under the bar. Great, there are ten minutes left, we have to be smart guys. We do not lose, unlike the moments that have passed, we are not even desperately defending, but calm enough that we can trigger counterattacks, which, even if they are not realized, even eat time. Celtic remains unanswered and CFR is in the Champions League playoffs following Ţucudean's overtime goal. 4-3, we are qualified! All thanks to a "double" that Petrescu thought perfect, and the footballers managed most of the 180 minutes, excellent.

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