Thursday , May 13 2021

Alexandra Bortich is known as the Woman of the Year with the version of Glamor: Show Business: VladTime

24-year-old actress reincarnates incredibly in the movie "I Lose Weight," first writes, then releases 18 kilos.

On November 13, the Glamor magazine held the award ceremony for the Woman of the Year, where the winners were elected in twelve nominations. The ceremony was conducted by Ivan Urgant, Alexander Gudkov and Olga Shelest. The prize went to actress Alexandra Bortich. Her performance for the role of the "I Lose Weight" film was noted: the girl first got 18 kilos and then left with them within one and a half months.

Even Julianna Karaulova and Polina Gagarina were awarded this year's director for the documentary film Sobchak's case was Vera Krichevskaya, Maria Minogarova received the award for the year's business and "Be Recognized 63-Year-Old Valentina Ash.

For the Barbie Utyasheva doll made in the image of Laysan, the athlete received a prize in the nomination "Inspiration of the Year". "Couple of the Year" became Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko. In terms of "male" nominations, the Russian national football team became the team of the year, and Roma Beast became the Man of the Year, who opened the ceremony with the song Leto.

For the first time, Woman of the Year was featured by Glamor Magazine 1990 in the United States. With the arrival of the newspaper in the Russian market, since 2005 the prize has been awarded in our country. The current ceremony was fourteen consecutive.


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