Monday , November 30 2020

In Ulyanovsk Gymnasium, students got waffles with worms for dinner | Right | community

Moscow on February 6 – AIF Moscow.

Students in one of the high schools in Ulyanovsk got waffles with meal worms for dinner, Interfax reports.

Information about the incident was published Tuesday in social networks. An image of the school's lunch and comments from the students to the students were posted online.

Subsequent delivery of substandard products was confirmed in the Ulyanovsk Administration's press service. According to the representative of the city authorities, the products have already been seized.

The management of Ulyanovsk asked the Prosecutor and the Federal Government for supervision of consumer protection and human rights control to organize a control of this fact.

It is also noted that the gym was serviced by the food operator LLC "Alternativa". The production manager of the company was dismissed and the internal control group was given disciplinary responsibility.

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