Monday , October 18 2021

Maxaim Trankov in fear of cancer :: Sport ::


Coach Maxim Trankov began receiving threats from fans of Alina Zagitova after the latest statements about the skater. About this two-time Olympic champion told his side at Instagram.

The athlete said that unhappy Zagitova fans threaten him with cruel violence. He also compared art skaters to aggressive football fans.

"From the wishes: to die, get cancer, kill yourself and your whole family, crush your backbone and go under you, blind and deaf! Oh, how! Real fans! And you say soccer, he says.

Maxaim Trankov added that he temporarily forbade commenting on his posts – he began to receive too many negative messages: "And this is already an article. So the comments are closed for now." Hania, soon with a guard to drive, for the truth of not to become a martyr ", – quotes the RT athlete.

Recall that the latest coach Maxim Maxaim Trankov talked about his attitude to the young figure skater in an interview with the newspaper "Sport Day by Day". He did not think that Alina Zagitova could show a good result at the Pkhenchkhane Olympic Games, as the main favorite of the winter competition was Yevgeny Medvedev. None of the professional athletes did not support Zagitova.

However, the skater added that Alina's victory in the tournament in 2018 was definitely deserved. "Her program was much stronger technical than Zhenya's," he said.

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