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Ministry of Health: Measles incidence approaches anti-record for all years of independence – Health – News


Ministry of Health: Humanity is close to antistatic for all years of independence

The incidence of measles in Ukraine in 2018 can be highest in all years of independence. It is reported by the Health Ministry's Center for Health, reports UNN.

"Since the beginning of 2018, 36 455 people became ill with measles – 14 111 adults and 22 344 children. If the incidence remains at the same level, the number of measles patients by the end of the year may exceed the highest incidence recorded in Ukraine since 1991 (42 724 At the same time, at the center of the Ministry of Health, they added that there is no cure for measles, and the only way to protect against the disease is vaccination.

Most people received measles in: Lviv region (total 7364 persons: 2164 adults and 5200 children), Ivano-Frankivsk (3612 persons in total: 971 adults and 2641 children), transcarpathian (3459 persons in total: 672 adults and 2787 children) Odessa (total of 2550 persons: 1274 adults and 1276 children), Kiev (total of 2408 persons: 1491 adults and 917 children), Ternopil (a total of 2120 persons: 773 adults and 1347 children) areas.

From the complications of measles since the beginning of the year, 15 people in the country died: 11 children and four adults. However, doctors noted a small drop in disease spread. So during the 44th week of 2018, 1246 people became ill with measles – 359 adults and 887 children. This is 5.5% less than the previous week.

As reported by the Ukrainian elections, the Ministry of Health was criticized for lack of vaccination.

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