Friday , December 4 2020

Renault Kaptur owner accused car review: AutoMedia: VladTime

The motorist spoke of the minus of his crossover, but the public considered them unfair and constructed.

A video has appeared on the DiabetWatch YouTube channel about the shortcomings of Renault Kaptur. The car owner said his car was driving 50,000 km. According to the motorist, he does not like the small trunk, bad headlights, the fact that the Russian assembly of the crossover, the lack of cupholders in the car for a million, "unnecessarily" covers the center console. The latter frightens the driver with the fictional possibility of spontaneous opening while driving, threatening a sudden limitation of the viewpoint. The motorist also does not like the Renault Kaptur seats, because during a long drive, their back and neck pain.

Furthermore, the owner of the crossover complained about the fog windows in the car when the temperature was changed, to the front pillars that close the view, and the impossibility of adjusting the steering wheel on the flight.

Internet users ridiculed the owner of Renault Kaptur to review the car, because in it publicly "a nagging". The audience noted that the driver consciously bought this car and saw what he bought. In addition, users explained that neck and back fatigue occur during prolonged driving, regardless of seat quality and convenience. Glasses are misty in the car due to temperature differences, and this is a physical phenomenon. The headlights of the Renault Kaptur are quite good, as indicated by drivers comparing the "light" models with the road lighting of other cars. The trunk of the suitcase is very small, but it has special functionality and optimum loading height.

Ivan Golovin


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