Saturday , May 15 2021

"The anger of the fan worked against Glushakov. He ran around the field like a chicken without head," reports Raúl Riancho – Football

Raul Riancho, who served as Spartak's main coach, shared his opinion about the match with midfielder Denis Glushakov.

"Regardless of the leader of Glushakov, the tribunals were named him as Carrras foremost enemy. Did you understand what the reaction will be for the return of Denis?

– I understood everything. And I did not think of myself, not about risks, not even Denis. I was thinking about Spartacus. Glushakov – high paid football player, captain of the team. Why should he work in duplicate? What is he paid for? Despite all the horror heard from the stall, I returned Denis to the training process, and the new coach can count on this player. And then decide how to handle it.

– Let's say straight: Glushakov in bad shape. Why is he now "Spartacus"?

– Not the best time for Denis, right. Losing martial arts can not be found on the field. I see all this, and we talked about this topic. But Glushakov has an apology. All this time, from mid-September, he worked to prove to everyone how wrong they were to write him away.

When he entered the field and tens of thousands of people whistled, the desire to prove it became even stronger. And this anger worked against him. He ran around the field like a chicken without a head. Here and there! Just to prove he's doing well.

Feel it, you have to think about the field! You are not a chicken, you are a good midfielder, an important player for Spartak. But how can you think when they scream? Everything is affected. And the problems in his personal life – too. Football reflects the mood. If all is good in the family, the person is happy in the field. And vice versa.

– Mass insults against Glushakov – the wildest meeting in football?

– Never seen before or heard of. This is very sad. You can not kill a person just like that. You can not be a judge. I have already talked about this – divorces also occur in families, never hundred percent right and wrong. But Glushakov was named the only guilty, said Riancho.

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