Thursday , May 13 2021

Al-Riyadh Newspaper King Abdullah Economic City Launches New Party Logistics and Industrial Area in Industrial Valley

King Abdullah Economic City Launches New Party Logistics And Industrial Area In Industrial Valley

King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) announced the launch of a new rate of land in Industrial Valley, with areas ranging from 20,000 square meters and a soft payment system of up to 10 years without any further benefits.

KAEC's Managing Director, Ahmed Bin Ibrahim Lengawi, said that the city provides a living example of the economy for oil and one of the reasons for economic development in the UK. Today, Industrial Valley is an attractive destination for investment in the kingdom and one of the pillars of the ambitious Vision 2030. "In conjunction with the city's financial commitment, towards entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to acquire advanced industrial area that meets its operational requirements and adapts to the growth of its small and medium sized corporations.

He pointed out that the new countries are ready to be used in the six industrial sectors in which the industrial valley is based, including pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products, food and consumer goods, logistics, plastics and paper industry, building materials, transportation,

The country is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure with all necessary services (electricity, water, sewage systems, flood and rainwater networks and gas networks). The country is connected to a network of modern technologies, fast data transfer to all customer needs, housing, suitable for all income levels, including (city), providing an appropriate living environment for workers and supervisors.

Managing Director of Industrial Valley, Eng. Ayman Mansi, said that the launch of the new party land comes from the city's duty to the growth of customer operations and in front of the industrial valley, where the industry valley, thanks to God Almighty, attracted more than 110 national and regional companies Global, Versatile and Value-Added Competitive Industries, and Looking forward to becoming an important base station and a preferred place for ambitious companies wanting to establish or expand their business.

"Industrial valley provides a stimulating investment environment where investors will benefit from a strategic location and direct access to King Abdullah Port – the second largest port in Saudi Arabia and the world's fastest growing port – which will serve as an important destination and delivery point for logistics and industrial services in the region, with a regulator, the Economic Steering Authority (EEC), to facilitate and accelerate government procedures, as well as its connection to the landline and its link to the re-export zone.

He added that the industry valley has been awarded the International Finance Award "AFM" as the fastest growing industrial area in the GCC countries for 2017 in terms of logistics and industrial economies and the availability of advanced infrastructure.

KAEC is one of the largest and privately owned economic projects in the world centered on the construction of an integrated city of 181 million square meters on the Red Sea coast north of Jeddah.

It is home to many of the world's largest ports, like Al-Hijaz, one of Al-Haramain's fastest and Industrial Valley, which has attracted many international and national companies. leading.

Emaar, KAEC's economic city developer, is listed on Tadawul, a Saudi public limited company founded in 2006.

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