Monday , November 30 2020

Google adds the "Highlight sounds" feature to the Gboard keyboard

Google Inc., the world's largest internet search engine, has added a "voice recognition" feature based on artificial intelligence without internet access to the virtual keyboard Gboard On smartphones that allow users to write email messages and text messages via voice commands without having to connect to the Internet.

The company's Sound Recognition Technologies development team is pleased to announce the launch of Voice Recognition on mobile devices to enhance speech recognition capabilities in the virtual keyboard Gboard

At any time, including offline mode.

Google has designed this feature, which currently only supports English with American accent, to work at letter level. She said she has developed a model that has been trained in a small technology to look after the smartphone, avoiding problems with delayed response and unstable wireless networks.

The company expressed the hope that the new property will expand to include multiple languages ​​and other application areas.

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