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Implementation of the penal code on the death of another Barr

Implementation of the Penal Code at the Killing of Another Bare Nasim News with Quote of the Ahsa Newspaper We publish to you the implementation of the Penalty Code at the killing of another Bareer, the execution of the Penalty Code at the killing of another Bareer, we will send you to our visitors. New news today through Our breeze News and start with the most prominent news, The story of the killing of another man in Arar.

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Al-Ahsa – SPA

The Ministry of the Interior issued today a statement on the execution of the death penalty of one of the perpetrators of the city of Arar in the northern border area, which reads as follows:

Allaah says (interpretation of the sentence): "Oh, you who believe!

Allaah says (interpretation of meaning):

Hamoud bin Rabie bin Yibas al-Ruwaili, a Saudi citizen, was killed by Abdulrahman bin Awaid bin al-Yawais al-Ruwaili, a Saudi nation, by shooting him with a machine gun that caused his death due to a dispute between them.

With the help of God, the security authorities seized the offender and the investigation led him to charge him with his crime and referred him to the tribunal. He got an instrument to prove his death penalty and sentenced him to the death court by the court and the supreme court. It has been legally decided and supported by its reference to the perpetrator.

The execution sentence was carried out by the perpetrator / Hamoud bin Rabie bin Jibas al-Ruwaili on Tuesday, 5/3/1440 AH in the city of Arar in the northern border area.

The Ministry of the Interior confirms, as it announces this, all the sincerity that the governor of the two sacred mosque authors has for the adoption of security and justice and the implementation of God's provisions for all those who violate security and toss the blood and at the same time warn one who undertakes to do so His destiny.

And God is a guide to the way.

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Source: Al – Ahsa newspaper

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