Monday , June 21 2021

Ramadan Subhi on a difficult task with Huddersfield against West Ham

Hiddersfield Town, which includes Egyptian Ramadan Sobhi, will meet West Ham United at 17:00 at Gallagram Stadium in the Twelfth Round of the Premier League.

Hiddersfield wants to win, win the three points and continue the series of victories after Fulham missed a goal in the final round to fly from the bottom of the table.

Ramadan Sobhi is expected to appear for the second time with his side in a row after taking part in the second half of the latest Fulham match and proved successful in the record he was attending.

On the other hand, West Ham hopes to win and continue the winning strike after breaking Burnley four times in the last round to improve the team's position in the order.

Hiddersfield is in 12th place with 6 points, while West Ham is in 13th place with 11 points.

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