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The stability of exchange rates during the day

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The stability of exchange rates in banks during the trading day from the site of Masress, Sunday, November 18, 2018.

The stability of exchange rates during the day

Dalal Ahmed Published in summary on 18-11-2011

Exchange rates stabilized against the pound in today's trade, according to the latest official data from the central bank, the average exchange rate of the dollar about 17,8601 pounds for purchases and 17,9553 pounds for sale.
The average price of the euro was about 20.4945 pounds to buy and pound sterling was about 23.2646 pounds to buy and 23.3957 pounds for sale while the Swiss franc was about 17.9337 pounds for purchase and 18,0328 pounds for sale.
The price of 100 yen was about 15,9125 pounds to buy, and 16,0001 pounds for sale, while the Chinese yuan was about 2.5742 pounds to buy and 2,5886 pounds for sale.

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Source: Masress

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