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The Bélya group is 20 years old and for Jocelyn Bernadine said "Ben" is: "20 years of resistance, fun, sharing and rooting in belonging to us. From the moment you try to do something for the country, it's good, that's fine. always find the lowest common denominator that promotes cordial understanding, and in Belya there is love and faith in our country. "
They are four friends: Jocelyn Bernadine said Ben, Eric said that Riko Bertrand, Michel Marty and Alain Alexandre happen to swell to hit the drum of the drum too much. They decide that day to take the music as a base for trying to open it for the Caribbean and for the world. Their project: to create a music that travels around the bed while adding modern acoustic and electrical instruments.


They will ask the late Dartagnan Laport to make them special two types of drum: "drum pack" or drum and treble drum "Doum Pak" sounds more serious. They will add acoustic and electric instruments: piano, synthesizer, bass drums, three female singers and chorists at a time, and choirs are provided by all drummers. They are eleven on stage. Belya is therefore the highest drums and highest votes.
Twenty after they are always present, they fight so that this sound carried by the pillars of the group is acknowledged with the conservation of the soul's soul music.
For 20 years, Bélya produced two albums and a neighbor under investigation. It's coming soon. The group has had highlights such as this invitation to participate in the Independidad Day of Trinidad, a Caribbean music festival in Miami, several trips to Paris (New Morning …), a tour of Japan in Kyoto and this year Guadeloupe, Senegal with the Jazz Gorée Festival 2018 etc. 20 years later, the group goes well with many projects to create 4 and still many spaces and track to explore. They still want some.


Bélya uses all the music of bèlè: great bèlè, venezuelan, mabèlo, bèlya, bèlè dous, ladja, danmié, lasotè, bèlè lisid, etc. So tonight, Belya will show the enormous work done around the mountains in the mountains. And for the evening to be perfect, there will be guests: Max Télèphe, Nico Gerné, Victor Trèffre for the party bèlè; Mali who will play on Beat Bèla by Belya, Edmond Mondesir and Jocelyne Béroard who composed a title close to Belyas music.
Two hours of continuous show where they decided to illuminate the dances in the world of bèlères, dancers …
Bely on the Grand Carbet in Aime-Cesaire Park.
Friday, November 16 at 20 hours.
Info Line: 0696.09.59.51
Online Ticketing:

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