Tuesday , May 11 2021

Asia and India join in the wake of the increase in ready-to-wear

Sofitel Ivoire will be the scene of the vast mass of textiles and clothing around a theme to boost the sector.

Officially releases edition 13 of its annual event dedicated to promoting fashion in all its forms, reveals Afrik Fashion, November 9, 2018, Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire, Isabelle Anoh, the promoter that the nomination will be held, still at the Sofitel on Saturday, November 17th. With the key, a theme that is most relevant to the whole sector of fashion, textiles and clothes.

According to Isabelle Anoh, a communicator and even behind "T" as a designer with her Missanoh label, the theme of the 2018 edition "African creativity for the ready-to-wear challenge" should reflect the entire ecosystem over sustainability and economic model that fits all actors, from creators to consumers, including models, manufacturers, props and other related businesses. The desired effect is to "encourage African creators to promote sustainable African fashion, competitive, easy to carry, easy to sell, and especially with an opening on all budgets," says Isabelle Anoh.

In addition, it adjoins the pragmatic spirit of the theme, fashion shows or tailor made, which in absolute contradictions would be ready to wear, iridescent "T" Sofitel Ivoire. And tonight, in many ways, you'll be notified magically as you measure the championship implemented by Masterclays, light operator, audio, back-stage and special effects. Among the claws that will present the creative power of their haute couture know-how, we remain with great interest in "Fairy" from the East, the designer Kamilla Bajla from India.

Her African comrades, Grace Wallace in Togo, Lolo Andoche in Benin, Nabou Fall of Senegal, Partick Assante of Ghana, Gabet Gretat Marat, Mariétou Diakhité of Mali, have, as well, traveled the fashion fan in an enchanted universe. And in concert with host creator, Alpha Doumbia, Arlette Konan from Arlett, Adji Diallo from Adji Style, Patricia Waota of K-Yélé, Ella Assoumou, the stylist proposed by the Association of Fashion Designers of Côte d'Ivoire (Acmci ), Ibrahim Fernandez, The Gray-Gray Mark. And Pathé O, Africa's brave shadow.

It should be noted that the event registered in their respective annual agendas is placed under the co-sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture and Peace, Tourism and Recreation, which are the ministries of supervision.


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