Friday , January 15 2021

Casamance: Macky Sall promises bridges instead of hills

Ziguinchor, Feb. 11 (APS) – On the second day of his stay in the Casamance nature reserve, to meet the needs of the election campaign, the outgoing president promised to continue the implementation of infrastructure projects to lead to the replacement of all crossbones with bridges in this southern part of the country.

Visibly satisfied with the results achieved since his accession to the country's rhythm (in 2012), Macky Sall has in particular promised to continue the implementation of Casamance infrastructure projects with the slogan "Bridges everywhere, zero ferry" during a major rally Monday in Ziguinchor, the capital of the south.

Coming from Oussouye, Cap-Skirring and Goudomp in the Sedhiou region for caravans and meetings, Macky Sall returned to Ziguinchor as part of an Aline Sitoé Diatta roundabout meeting.

A large crowd participated in the event together with all the local leaders of Benno Bokk Yaakaar, the coalition application. Satisfied with this mobilization, the candidate hesitated for his own legacy not to maintain that Ziguinchor had won the fight for mobilization while waiting for Kaolack and Nioro, sites in the center of the country.

"I have set aside a good development policy with massive investments and reforms. Cooperation is the pilot area for Action 3 for decentralization in order to territorialize public policies. Casamance a tourist area of ​​national interest with a six-year tourism stakeholder tax holiday," he claimed.

"Between 2015 and 2018, we made investments of 450 billion FCFA for the realization of 58 major projects in all sectors of economic life as infrastructure in health, education, agriculture". added Macky Sall.

The creation in 2014 of the Casamance Development Project (PPDC), a "program for structuring the state's action in Casamance to promote the prospect of peace in the region" is one of the achievements mentioned by the candidate for BBY.

At the same time, he praised the convincing results achieved in Casamance's opening of land, air and sea and promised to pass the reconstruction of National Road Number 4 in his section connecting Senoba with Ziguinchor, to Mpack, first border village with Guinea -Bissau.

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