Wednesday , January 27 2021

Champagne, Paris Hilton and rap, Philipp Plein Show returns to New York

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New York (AFP)

The German designer Philipp Plein did not disappoint on Monday, the bling-bling fans who have become accustomed to their fashion shows in New York Fashion Week, with champagne, celebrities and rap concerts to end.

Once again, the Munich native had left the open spaces for a restaurant in the heart of Manhattan, The Grill.

Since its inception, a little over ten years ago, Philipp Plein wants to put every season, full meaning and not skimp on the funds.

His guests, more than 200 people, were treated to champagne at will, oysters for a cocktail and a dinner gathering, time to watch the two parades of the evening.

The first to his brand Billionaire, created by former Formula 1 owner Flavio Briatore, after a mini-soul concert, for the sign Philipp Plein, version autumn / winter.

Secondly, the German designer has kept his lead, a magnificent fashion, embroidered stones, wide belts, fluo yellow down jacket, leather mini-shorts and military printed costume.

Although it is usual with beautiful shows and a lightweight firefighter, Philipp Plein is completely ignored by Fashion Week's big names and evolves in New York in a dimension apart.

He fully assumes his difference, as he himself claims, presents himself as the fashionable hair to scrape.

On Monday, his models modeled on the sound of electronic music and rock, including the song "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton, under the star Paris Hilton and actress Mickey Rourke, while a drone flew over the room.

According to the New York Post, one of Kanye West's friends allegedly claims $ 900,000 from Philipp Plein, meaning the rapper would come to his parade.

This friend has strongly denied these charges.

The evening ended with a quick concert by rapper Lil Pump, who was part of the parade.

New York Fashion Week continues until Wednesday.

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