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EITI publishes report on fiscal year 2017 on Monday

XALIMANEWS: The National Committee Extractive Industries of Se? Ne? Gal (CN-EITI Se? Ne? Gal) publishes its report for the fiscal year 2017 this Monday, 19 November 2018, King Fahd Palace, under Housing Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne, Prime Minister of Se.

Through this meeting, CN-ETIE is about to offer one? all Senegalese stakeholders, a framework for constructive dialogue on the main issues and the management of the mining, oil and gas sectors in Senegal. It will also share the key results of the 2017 EITI report to draw appropriate lessons to improve the mining, oil and gas management of Se? Ne? gal.

Also the committee? National EITI will continue to? The signing of two partnership agreements with the Ministry of Justice and the person responsible for good governance and child protection. These two conventions apply respectively to the creation of a public register of the actual owners of recovery companies and the establishment of mechanisms that can facilitate the capitalization and implementation of the project. the scope of good practices to promote good governance in the extractive sector.

The report is a comprehensive reference document on the state of the extractive sector's control in Senegal, through a systematic process and rigorous regulatory and regulatory diagnosis. current governance practices. He will put one? public provision of accurate information and a? day on the main aspects of the management of the extraction sector, in particular the licensing and licensing procedures, quantities and volumes of production, regulatory systems, institutional and taxation framework for the extractive sector, revenue generated by mining, etc.

A participation and certification degree of 100%

Committee? National EITI Interested? Within the EITI report of 2017, 18 companies in production or exploration in the mining cadastral 2015 represented 8 production or prospecting companies listed in the 2017 petroleum register, 9 public entities and 1 State Enterprises for the declaration of revenues obtained from extractive companies.

All companies selected in the EITI declarations have transferred the necessary information to: The development of this report. These statements have all been heard? certified by an external auditor. The public entities also left their completed forms, which were completed. certified by the Court of Auditors.

As a reminder, look? Ne? Gal are they yes? publishes? two reports on 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. The Committee? National EITI welcomes the significant mobilization of government services and recovery companies that have committed without reserve, one? support transparency efforts in the management of mineral, petroleum and natural gas resources.

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