Thursday , December 3 2020

Griezmann faces a major problem in coming to Messi

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Since yesterday, Antoine Griezmann's rumor has come back to make the front of the side of FC Barcelona. But when he is seen with Messi, he gets skepticism …

One year after deciding to reject FC Barcelona's position to stay with Atlético Madrid, Antoine Griezmann has changed? The team ensures that the player can respond positively to a recommendation from the Catalan club in good time.

A record that promises to be already difficult to conclude for FC Barcelona. Antoine Griezmann extended last summer with a pleasant rewrite, and the Catalan club's funds are not expandable. But beyond that, another major problem is likely to cool Barca's leaders: his supporters.

In fact, whether Sport or Mundo Deportivo, the two pro-Catalan media have conducted studies that leave no doubt. Barça fans will not have Griezmann at FC Barcelona! At 83% for one and 92% for the other, "no" wins very heavily against the arrival of the French striker. What certainly calmly wants Barcelona leaders.

Julien Pédebos

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