Tuesday , January 19 2021

In Ziguinchor, Sonko Macky senses and aims to make Casamance a commercial hub and …

Ziguinchor answered yes to Ousmane Sonko, head of President Sonko Coalition, who raised the mobilization efforts in front of the outgoing president who was also in town that day. During his meeting, this afternoon, with Stade Jules François Bocandé, Sonko rejected his ambitions for the green Casamance.

"You have taken up the challenge. We are on mission for Senegal, we have a mission for Africa. This mission is a national liberation mission," said Ousmane Sonko.

In its statement, Ousmane offers Sonko solutions: "The solutions we would like to propose is to make the Casamance natural area a true commercial and financial hub. How to do that? It is that the port of Ziguinchor will be raised to the level of international standards and high-quality infrastructures ".
The Pastef leader reminded: "Four years ago, they said they should flirt with the port, they did nothing. And the money has been diverted. The other thing, the markets will be modernized and reorganized to act as a business place in neighboring countries.

Another element, he says, "is to make Ziguinchor a center of excellence for education and health. We want to develop a good medical offering, thanks to PhD doctor Assane Seck University of Ziguinchor. this university to a sub-regional center of excellence so that students can come from all over the sub-region. "

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