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Juve: Behind the scenes of Ronaldo's transfer – Football

The last Juventus Turin made an incredible transfer ripping Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid. How did the old lady think and prepare for this transfer? Sports director Fabio Paratici tells everything.

Juve: behind the scenes of Ronaldo's transfer

Ronaldo left Real for Juve last t

July 10, 2018, Juventus Turin made a transfer unbelievable some months ago: the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo (34 years). In a long interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus sports director Fabio Paratici tells the story of the transfer of the Portuguese superstar.

The first discussion

The Bianconero leader confirms that the first contacts took place in April last quarter of the Champions League quarter between Real Madrid and Juve. And everyone started with a discussion with agent for CR7, Jorge Mendes. I told him that Cristiano had scored incredible goals. He looked at me and said, "You won't believe me, but if Cristiano changes his club, he'll come to Juve, remember it's less unlikely than you think. Speak again" , Paratici says.

In fact, a few months earlier, Ronaldo had informed Mendes that he wanted to play for Juventus Turin. In January, Cristiano told me he wanted to play Juventus. Immediately I thought it would be impossible, and I told him it would be too difficult, but there was nothing impossible the agent recently told the Spanish press. The possibility of opening the file was therefore presented a few months later.

Mendes insists

Paratici and Mendes will meet for the transfer of Joo Cancelo, whose Portuguese is also agent. And the representative insists: Remember what I told you, you will see that Ronaldo will leave Madrid. I tell you clearly he will come to Juve. He played Manchester United, a great English club. So Real, another big club. He only goes to clubs with a great story. He has never played in Italy, he will win the Italian championship. If you want, he agrees.

Mendes gives him the cost of the transfer and the salary, and Paratici asks for a few days of demand, the time to see if the operation is financially feasible for the Italian club. But I knew very well that he was a star who opened new technical and commercial horizons and globalization of the brand. , he tells. The possibility is too good to pass.

Meeting with President Agnelli

It is during a meeting in early June that the sports director will for the first time discuss this issue with President Andrea Agnelli and Vice-President Pavel Nedved. Juve was looking for a new source of motivation for the team. Buffon left, we had just won the seventh Scudetto, and we had experienced a difficult elimination in the Champions League: something had to be done to motivate players , Paratici says. He announces the opportunity to make Ronaldo: It studies, don't laugh and don't throw me out of this office. There are two ways to motivate the team: a first option I can't say and buy Cristiano Ronaldo.

After a long silence , he says his president: Mendes told me to tell you that if Juve wants CR7 and that it corresponds to the given numbers, it will come. He wants Juve and not another club. There is no plan B . After reflection, Agnelli asked him to check all the characters in the operation and gave him the green light to start the negotiations if they matched those Mendes gave. We know the rest with this incredible transfer. But by the way, what was the first option? Recruit Mauro Icardi (Inter Milan) for erect and monster brothel

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