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landing, plane crash … The experts are against

Emiliano Sala: landing, plane crash ... The experts are against

SALA – The Emiliano Sala crash scenario shares the experts for a few days. The device, found Sunday with a body inside, will be analyzed once raised to the surface. The tribes continue in Nantes. Live news.

17:43 – Dubois resembles Emiliano Sala again

After hailing his former teammate Emiliano Sala on several occasions, Léo Dubois, Olympic side, took advantage of today's press conference to once again say a few words about the Argentine striker: The last fifteen days have been complicated Emi is a person I liked a lot, someone who always had the right word, always a smile, I have always thought of him, for his family and for the whole of the FC Nantes group ".

16:59 – FC Nantes requires payment for the transfer of Sala

According to The BBC, FC Nantes has asked Cardiff to pay the transfer of Emiliano Sala (£ 15 million, or about 17 million euros) within ten days or prosecution. The club Cardiff CIty, who had indicated he wanted to wait to learn more about the circumstances of the disappearance of the player to pay the sum, is still surprised by such a move, according to the BBC, while Team Scientists are currently trying to recover one. body in the aircraft wreck.

15:55 – The uprising of the body, a delicate operation

The restoration of the body spotted Sunday in the wreck of Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson's aircraft is the priority of research policy. A mission that requires more precautions. Bertrand Sciboz, an expert in underwater research, expresses himself in this topic, today in the Parisian: "There are several schools, whether we secure the unit at the bottom by blocking the doors, for example, and we go back with the body or body. is extracted directly at the bottom (…) The water is not very hot at this time of year, the body is still extractable, whatever happens .. 63 meters deep this is not the abyss we can go with robots, but we can even send one team of divers ".

14:57 – Weather, the biggest obstacle to the restoration of the body and plane

If the recovery operations in the body that were perceived in the wreck without being identified and the aircraft itself takes so much time, it is largely due to the noisy weather conditions that compose the research teams. At this time of year in the English Channel, storms are frequent, the waves are high … On the contrary, this type of operation requires the sea to be at least agitated. Entrance windows are therefore reduced.

13:54 – AAIB boat is still present in the area where the plane was found

AAIB (Air Accident Investigation Branch) remains these last hours quite discreet about the continuation of operations. After the discovery of the plane where a body was also discovered, she indicated that she would try to rebuild this body so that she would study the possibility of doing the same with the plane's wreck. Christian Martin, journalist for Fox Sports, indicates this Wednesday, photos in support of the boat Geo Ocean III still on the zone, but that the contents of the ongoing operations did not filter:

13:06 – Still mysteries to be raised about the plane's pilot

Although the search for the plane carrying Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson is very advanced, there are still many questions about the flight conditions and the preparation of the flight in the days ahead of the tragedy. The team revealed on Tuesday that three pilots in total had been asked to fly Piper Malibu. For flight Nantes – Cardiff Friday, January 18, the charter to allow Emiliano Sala to spend his medical examination in his new club, agent Willie McKay first requested David Henderson to steer the plane. The latter has fallen, the timing does not allow him to secure this mission. Another pilot, David Hayman, is approached. The latter accepts this call and starts Sala and his agent Messa N & # 39; Diaye to Cardiff Friday. Sala spends her medical visit and spends the night in Cardiff, N & # 39; Diaye returns to France on Friday afternoon to honor appointments. Emiliano then returns to Nantes, Sunday and Monday, to conduct some business and bid farewell to his teammates in FC Nantes. He will return to Cardiff on Monday, January 18, and Willie McKay will again organize the journey. For this flight, Nantes – Cardiff remembers David Hayman, but it is not available this time. McKay then contacts David Henderson, who finally offers the mission to David Ibbotson … Why? The mystery remains entirely.

12:51 – Warnock: "This tragedy was the worst period of my career"

Neil Warnock, the Cardiff City coach who had worked hard to attract Emiliano Sala, had not hidden a few days after the player, he was planning to leave his post. "In recent weeks, there have been times when I thought," Is it worthwhile to be a football coach after all? ", He confirms today. Wales But I have a responsibility for the club, I can't wait to see what the rest of the season should do (…) This tragedy was the worst part of my career that was very high and lows last ".

12:19 – Eysseric: "It's thanks to victories that we can think of something else"

Valentin Eysseric, transferred from Fiorentina to FC Nantes a few days ago under the transfer window, made her debut at La Beaujoire yesterday against Toulouse and spoke after the meeting on her integration into the group, scoring at the disappearance of Emiliano Sala. "I arrived in a context that I knew about Davide Astori (former Captain Fiorentina, dead in his sleep in 2017). It's not easy, the group is a little depressed, but it is necessary to lift your head and that's thanks to the victories. that you are going to think of something else, and in these cases you feel outside the group, you have not experienced the same thing, a little outside of all that, but we are all, I try to bring a plus to everyone "

11:55 – Yesterday Pallois wore jersey # 9 like Sala

Nicolas Pallois yesterday, against Toulouse, the flocked jersey number 9, one wearing Emiliano Sala. "In the cup there are 18 numbers, it was number 9, the defender explained after the match. For Emi I decided to wear it, but it's not my number, it's Emi". The Argentine football player's former teammate and girlfriend also blew, "What happens in my life, it's part of the personal setting, it's not easy. I have to try to think of football, and I give everything I'm on the ground" .

11:37 – Pallois, moved, thank the public in Nantes

For the first time since his friend Emiliano Sala's death has also defended the Canary Islands agreed to speak last night after the victory against Toulouse, including thanking the fans for their support. "It's very nice of them," he said in the mixed zone "for me it's a special moment, and I'm very happy that they're behind me and behind the team. They've done it for two weeks, it's great for the club and for the team, it's beautiful, I'm not smiling at the moment, but I'm proud of them. "

11:23 – Video – Support from supporters of Nicolas Pallois, close to Sala

During the match and after the victory against Toulouse, FC Nantes fans also wanted to support Nicolas Pallois. Canarian defenders were very close to Emiliano Sala, whom he had accompanied to the airport on the day of tragedy.

11:10 – Halilhodzic dreams of a final "to pay tribute to our friend who has left"

At a press conference last night, after the victory against Toulouse, Vahid Halilhodzic, the coach of FC Nantes, said that a beautiful course in the Coupe de France could be a great way to celebrate Emiliano Sala. "In our situation, this competition can give us something special," he explained, "we are now two games away from Stade de France, whose moves are favorable, why not go to the finals! Trophy so, it is something extraordinary we must have the ambition to go to the end now We made a gift to pay tribute to our friend who left … J "hope the team will try something to get to the end (…) We come back slowly after the match in Saint-Etienne , it's almost another start, we're still fragile, but every new victory will strengthen our minds and I hope we will continue on this path. "

10:58 – Video – FC Nantes continues to celebrate Sala

After the draw in the league against Saint-Etienne and the victory in the Coupe de France against Sannois-Saint-Gratien, the Nantes team continues to chase the good results since their former teammates disappear. Tuesday night, still in the Cup, Canary Islands qualified for the quarterfinals by beating Toulouse. The opportunity for players and supporters to communicate again and celebrate Emiliano Sala:

10:47 – Sala and Ibbotson sentenced even before the start of the research?

For Xavier Tytelman, although Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson lived just after the accident, their chances of survival were extremely small. "When I was in maritime aviation, I did a survival course (…) in a warmer water than the canal (…) after two hours we were all hypothermia he says in the" Equipe "and for me, as well as search started, there was already no chance to see pilot and passenger alive again. "An analysis similar to John Fitzgeralds, one of the leaders of the first research activities that indicated the day after the disappearance with So Foot:" If they clean In fact, in the water, there is no luck in life, I swim the other day and stayed for three minutes, it is extremely cold in these waters. "Remember that Monday, January 21, when the plane had disappeared, air control had lost contact with the plane at. 20:23 (French time) and that the research had begun in the next hour.

10:31 – "They had no chance to escape"

Still, according to Xavier Tytelman, interviewed by L & # 39; Equipe, Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson were convicted of violent shock. "If the plane hit the sea at 150 km / h, then they had no chance of getting out," he says. "I think the effect was violent because we got back pillows that flow far enough from the wreck, and when we find interior elements, this is proof that the shock was strong."

10:24 – Another aviation specialist is very skeptical of diving

Another expert today talks about the circumstances of the crash, which probably killed Emiliano Sala. It is about Xavier Tytelman, former detector and navigation flight, day consultant on aviation issues and responsible and coach with the Center for the Treatment of Fear of the plane in Paris, which delivers its analysis, this Wednesday in the newspaper columns L & # 39; Equipe. A very different opinion than Michel Polacco. For Tytelman, the bailing hypothesis need not. "With this type of aircraft it is technically possible, but very unlikely. In my experience, I know only one successful landing with this type of aircraft. It is an Air France commander. He was also the director who was at the helm, with his wife who was an air hostess who expects everything: gave him the water and distributed life jackets and opened the window.You should know that this type of device, when placed on the water, flows in less than a minute (…) If its residents do not Prepared, they find themselves at the bottom of the water before being able to react ". For this expert on the image of the wreck, which shows that the plane's cell is damaged, "we can imagine that the shock was very violent".

10:13 – Emiliano Sala and the aircraft pilot were they aware of the time of the accident?

The answer from Michel Polacco, still on France 3, Tuesday night: "I think it was probably Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson who were aware when they touched the water given the state of the cabin that since the beginning of this flight was a lot of abnormalities, also Sala you know was not reassured, the plane made three attempts to go, they went in bad weather, the conditions of the flight were low, which is quite incomprehensible to all the people being used and with such a plan that can go up to 6,000 or 7,000 meters. " It is clear that things happened on board, they had to froze the cell, loaded ice, frost the engine, things like that, and they saw that the aircraft gradually lost its capacity to fly ".

10:04 – The explosion's thesis in full flight aside

"The plane did not spread in flight, it is safe," said Michel Polacco. In addition, the aircraft is known for their speed, so it means that if he had made a fall or an extremely rapid descent there could have been a lot of violent shock with the surface of the water, and one would not have found the hull in this state. "

10:01 – Get a man out of the plane?

Michel Polacco also added during his speech in the france news 3 Pays de la Loire: "In what state were they (Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson) after this possible diving I do not know have sunk with the plane or have anyone managed to come out when we only see a body? It's hard to say.

9:58 – "We can believe the plane didn't make a fall", analyzes an aviation expert

Tuesday night in France 3 The Pays de la Loire tried Michel Polacco, journalist expert in aviation, to clarify the circumstances of the accident of the Emiliano Sala plane found Sunday in the canal. "Yes, this wreck does not seem to be very damaged, even if you do not see the front, and you cannot, for example, see if the engine is separate from the hull or not. We see this wreck even though it is a light aircraft and it is naturally destroyed during a shock or a nozzle, we may think the plane has not fallen, did not fall, but rather that the pilot, perhaps after stopping his engine, tried to land, which is of course very difficult to do, especially bad weather, it is very difficult to appreciate the height at night, and then probably the plane crashed during the landing ".

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