Wednesday , April 21 2021

Omar Sy questioned about Eric Zemmour, he refuses to "pronounce his name"

Almost one year after the hard controversy with Eric Zemmour, Omar Sy is still not ready to talk about the polemicist.

The controversy had taken so much importanceOmar Sy, so in full promotion for his new movie knock, had decided to stop everything. The facts go back to October 2017. Guest on the set of C to you in France 5, Eric Zemmour responded to a statement byOmar Sy who worried about his omnipresence in the media. The ex-polemicistWe are not lying had responded with invective, describing the comedian as "guignol". The machine was unfortunately launched. A few days later Europe 1, Omar Sy walked out of the hinges and drove a jab in good shape and claimed: "I have no desire to ride in clay with pigs. The actor hoped that this would end CASE

"I understood how it worked"

It was bad to think of his opponent's reputation. A few days later, Eric Zemmour revived the controversy, through a murderal speech Europe 1 : "I know that between Trappes and Hollywood he has not had time to master the French language (…) A criminal, he has rubbed his shoulders if I believe in the media, because he was very kind to Harvey Weinstein. There was too much for Omar Sy who then made the decision to stop marketing his movie. Almost one year after the start of the controversy, the actor still does not want to talk about this topic. In a long interview with JDD, Omar Sy preferred to make the death and declared: "I do not want to pronounce his name. I understood how it worked. No way to get into his game and run his small business." Final point.

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