Wednesday , October 20 2021

Père Bibi Gaye is deciding


Abdou Gaye alias Bibi Gaye is deciding Saturday 17th of 2019 of the suites of longue maladie, and when Senego the source proche du defunt.

Mauvaise news for the interns about the follow-up regulation "Père Bibi Gaye" the Fann Hock in traverses seen videos on Youtube. C'est verse « 5 you can find the food and go to Keur Massar«, Accurate notre source.

Levée du corps

The body of the corps is previewed on 10 occasions at the Mosque of the Gueule Tapée. It is noteworthy that the approach is to try my hand in Touba.

Bibi Gaye

It is connected to two habitats in the commune of Fann Point-E. In effect, Bibi Gaye is averse to the impacts of the net grandeur of the auditorium and the capacity for the intervening plus the current affairs.

Senego offers six condolences to the family.


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