Saturday , January 16 2021

Perrine Laffont is filming her Lake Placid World Cup – 11/02/2019

Medals, titles, but also and above all a lot of work. Perrine Laffont filmed behind the scenes at her Lake Pacid World Cup, USA, finishing second.

Perrine Laffont, Olympic champion, dual world champion in parallel mogul skiing, filmed her daily life at the Lake Placid World Cup where she finished second on January 18th.

Far from clichés about what one could imagine, we see a young woman who travels a lot and who works even more. Between training, physical session, debriefing … A master's daily life is very busy.

Second, in Lake Palcid, she has since continued her career leading to the title World Champion in parallel moguls skiing, Saturday in Park City, USA.

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