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SALE! devised, edited and directed by Marion Siéfert at Théâtre de la Commune – Aubervilliers

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Current Item No. 12: SALE! devised, edited and directed by Marion Siéfert at Théâtre de la Commune – Aubervilliers

March 18, 2019 |
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© Matthieu Bareyre

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News Pieces is a trademark of Théâtre de la Commune: Order an artist by asking him the question: "People's life here, what inspires it to your art?" Made in a particular economy, in porosity with a territory and its people, sometimes also amateurs, There are magnificent projects: whose power comes from the fragile beauty of beings and truths that are finally revealed to the world.

SALE! was conceived in this context by Marion Siéfert, associate artist at Théâtre de la Commune, whose previous show The great sleep (programmed by the Autumn Festival) had dazzled us with its already singular and transgressive character. Bringing together a puppet dancer and Lite feet (Janice Bieleu) and a rapper (Laetitia Kerfa aka Original Laeti), SALE! touch us and move again with full force. This show also confirms Marion Siéfert's intelligence to create subtle dramaturgical devices fed with documentary material.

It begins in the silence of a room that decides to be quiet. Looking forward to this girl, sitting across the leg at the back of the stage, focused and smiling, confident. A beautiful round face, framed by long braids. She stands up hesitantly and begins a walk in the depths of this black, naked plateau, whose narrow volume has never caused it to a cathedral. From this March, the dance, a way of inhabiting the world, an impulse of a body in contact with the world, a dance that virtuosically insinuates and grows from almost nothing: births, slow motion, shocked shocks, unconscious movements, fall stopped just before fallen, reels, arms that hold a space shortage … By taking the stage in a sensitive report to the audience, Janice Bieleu empties us and eventually turns our attention elsewhere into a more valuable place: far from technical achievement (perfect yet) , closer to the creature dancing! Based on prejudices that affect hip-hop dance, his interpreter's moving figure emerges.

We feel in this chaotic, broken journey where grace happens despite and with the battles that seem to affect the body, a definite fate as if this dance gave to see what the world does for us, what it can produce violence on our bodies, but we also testify with this feeling, this ability of resistance, this resilience to any test, where the human will, even if the cash is in control of its actions, continues to act.

The dirty rap codes refer to dirty money, but the term has been enriched with a broader meaning and now refers to everything that rejects morality. To rap it dirty, we need a tremendous energy that we are told and we will believe it. We add: a flawless ethical heroism drawn from the depth of life.

Original Laeti is this heroine, the morning craze that makes her strength even more contradictory and impressive. When she looks, she immediately grabs us from the rapacity and lightness of her rap, with the vital necessity of going to the end of what she has to say, though there will always be the temptation to escape. At Original Laeti we feel the same lively, furious and yet controlled source flowing in Angelica Liddell (this reference jumps to my eyes even before I find her later in the interview with Marion Siéfert), making her a woman powerful "( to use the title of Marie NDiaye's novel. The healthy blade of her rap draws without compromise without feeling pity with often a lot of humor, the world she sees and the world she lives in. There is Jean de La Bruyère on Original Laeti. "Where are the free men? "Stuck by its justice retrieved. Original Laeti assumes, with all the uncertainty that this can impose on this freedom. With all the determination and resistance that demands when it comes to choosing your life in the city and in society where the roles are To be more precise: the boxes are defined in advance.

She has the energy and beauty of these wild herbs that can crack concrete slabs. Greek madness with regard to, transforms the insult as a glove, the brandish's salt (in that sense defined a little higher) these standards of "whore" or "submissive" to shine them with all their shine, and on the contrary to show the sad speech and alienation of men / men to their virilistic schema. Original Laeti claims her sex as a weapon, and she solves his battles that have nothing to envy the man's movements in the female sex. In addition to being rapper, Original Laeti is a lover able to stand up that the forest square in the subway is dying of laughter. Along the way she puts in a freestyle princess dress register right at the time of the genre in a masterful way and blasts unusual patriarchy into our society!

Up to incarnate, of course, Lady Macbeth, this second heroine whose power has worried men for centuries.

SALE! is not the fashionable rap and hip hop show, as the industry and cultural institution produce so much lazyly replicating stereotypes, renewal of the associated stigmas and categories of urban cultures. SALE!. It is the delicate portrait of two free women dancing and rapping their lives. When choosing their words and choosing their movements, they dare to offer themselves to the world. We can only love them.

© Matthieu Bareyre

Current Item No. 12: SALE!, design, editing and presentation Marion Siéfert

Made in collaboration with and performed by Janice Bieleu and Laetitia Kerfa aka Original Laeti

With the races of Orignial Laeti

Artistic collaboration Matthieu Bareyre

David Pasquier Light

His Patrick Jammes

Valentine Solé Costumes

March 13th to May 2019

Duration 1h30

The local authority

National Dramatic Center – Aubervilliers
2 Édouard Poisson Street

93 300 Aubervilliers

booking 01 48 33 16 16


5th-7th April 2019

Nanterre-Almond, National Drama Center

7 avenue Pablo-Picasso

92022 Nanterre Cedex

booking at +33 (0) 1 46 14 70 00

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