Monday , November 30 2020

Samuel Lee Jackson: "It doesn't matter if Trump doesn't see my movies" •

The new Marvel movie starring Samuel L. Jackson was released just over a week ago. The 70-year-old actor is known for his anti-Trump views. For him, "this son of p *** destroys the planet and many other things. People think everything is fine, but everything is not good at all. Those who do not say anything are complicit in his ideas.

"They're burning my dvd's"

When asked about the impact of his remarks on his film's sales, he replied that he was not interested. "JHaving already received my check, I don't lose money. That Trump followers are burning DVD's of my movies. I don't care what these people do"His agents have already advised him to remain discreet, but the actor refuses to do self-censorship.

health care

Samuel L. Jackson feels influenced by Trump's policies, especially when it comes to healthcare management. " When my loved ones are sick, they will see me because I'm rich. I wish they could take care of them".

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