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(Shazam, The Monster Society of Evil 1-4)
Billy Batson is a little boy living in an abandoned building since his parents died. He is a child who knows very well and does not seem to be afraid of anything. One evening, talking to his friend Talky Tawny, on the corner of a little impromptu fire, he sees a mysterious figure sliding into an abandoned subway. He followed her and ended up arriving in a strange cave, where an old man calling himself "The Wizard" teaches him that by pronouncing the magic word "Shazam" he can become a superman named Captain Marvel.
But he is not at the end of his surprises because the events rush, he will meet Dr. Sivana, discover that he has a sister, but that's not all …

of Fredgri.
on 17/03/2019

As the movie comes out, Urban takes the opportunity to bring some Shazam projects out of his hat and what a pleasure to read this version of Jeff Smith!

Like everyone else, I discovered Jeff Smith's work on his incredible Bone series. That's why he looks at a DC Comics project and, incidentally, is a super hero, I could only intrigue.
And the first feeling I have is closing the last page is that the bet is won hands down.
While the superhero dimension is held, Smith focuses especially on a child Billy Batson, both of whom must learn to become an adult at the moment, to cope with their childhood impulses, but also to become involved in the outside world by suddenly launching into complete thinking adventures (speaking animals, extra-terrestrial robots, magic, etc.) We thus find the themes that may have hovered over the bones.

Smith is definitely going on a harder world here, but he keeps the somewhat "innocent" tone of his own. The child is a very young child, almost a mini adult, even his little sister, who must be as 4 or 5 years old, behaves very quickly as a young teenager. But we fully understand this shift in the context of history.
So it's really exciting to read all this from a block. Pity the author has not done so far! Nevertheless, this is a very interesting proofreading, which gives pride to some kind of pseudo-realism good child without falling into the fool, with a lot of amazing unrestrained far from the usual stereotypes in this kind of story "origin". It is both very cohesive and extremely well paced.

Personally, I admit that this rewrite I really liked, because it makes these characters much more endearing, more contemporary and much less inked in a kind of inert mold. Even Captain Marvel's personality is interesting, of course he retains the aura of the mega-gigantic superhero, but on the other hand, he is slightly overwhelmed by his impulsive and intuitive side, representing Billy's personality, bringing him back to a more authentic dimension.
It has to be said that Captain Marvel's character was created in the 50s, he has long been the copy of Superman, even though he created the model of these heroes who become superheroes who pronounce a magic word. But what is typical of this character is that he seems to be frozen in a personality of the 50s with these expressions, his worldview, etc. As a result, the vision of Smith gives it a more modern and more modern tone!

If you like Jeff Smith's work, I highly recommend you this mini-series even if you are refractory to superheroes. You will be seduced suddenly!

of Fredgri.

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