Monday , January 25 2021

"Total France" has decided to boycott the Israeli gas, the Israeli response is not expected

Israel has become an energy force, and it does not seem to congratulate the CEO of Total France who does not want a relationship with Israeli gas.

Its CEO Patrick Pouyanné spoke to the UK finance magazine and apologized for being "too complicated to invest in Israel":

"We like complex situations (…) up to a point. (…) The stakes are not high enough to accept the associated risks, especially in terms of competition in the region."

Israel responded quickly and promised consequences: Israeli energy minister Yuval Steinitz, who was also in London to promote a forthcoming offer of gas licenses, said that companies that refuse to invest in Israel actually bowed to "tyranny and dictatorship" in Iran.

"It is a regrettable attitude. We will reflect on our response to this because it is totally unacceptable to boycott Israel," says Yuval Steinitz Financial Times.

Total has chosen the mullahs and is expected to be the largest international investor in Iran with its project to develop part of the South Pars gas field … everyone has known for a long time, but …


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