Monday , January 18 2021

Vélingara: Idy promises a special agricultural and industrial program •

On tour in southern Senegal Idrissa Seck was greeted "triumphantly" this Sunday in Vélingara as part of her election campaign. Accompanied by Pope Diop, the candidate for the "Idy 2019 Coalition", promised to launch his special program for agriculture and industry in this department. *

"Despite the hot sun, you mobilized on February 24, the image of the rest of Senegal, the victory is secured in the first round," said the candidate, who sees only one goal, "Is to shorten, as soon as possible, the unbearable suffering of Senegal's people. In front of the residents, the president of the county council announces the Thiès installation from its accession to the power of a special agricultural and industrial program. "It is here in Vélingara that the special program in agriculture and industry will start. We will also make the development of Anambé, we regulate youth unemployment. A special investment program will be dedicated to the department, not only to solve problems related to basic social infrastructure, but also to permanently stop our youth from the unbearable weight of unemployment, "he said before performing the prayer" Takussane "in a mosque After Vélingara, Idy and his delegation stopped for a moment in Kunkandé and then in Diaobé, where the president of Rewmi made a hook at the residence Khadim Rassoul, headquarters of the community Mouride, before finishing his marathon in Kolda where they were treated to a triumphant welcome.

Put Tamba on the rails …

Often announced, but never appeared, Idrissa Sec finally ended the night from Saturday to Sunday about 23 hours in Tambacounda. At the reception, activists and sympathizers are less numerous than Koumpentoum. For Idy, this region, one of the poor parents, is left to its own units. Therefore, the Rewmi Party President promises to make it a true cross of industrial development. "He (Macky Sall) has apparently not done anything for you. Unemployment is invading you, the education system is on the ground, the health system is underdeveloped. But with the development of the railway, Tamba will be a network or hub for our interconnection with Mali and Guinea and ours. dies at ECOWAS and UEMOA … ", he promises before he is victorious in the first round of the evening of February 24.

J Mactar Gomis (Special Envoy)

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