Monday , January 18 2021

Violence in connection with the election campaign

Dakar, February 12 (APS) – Tuesday's daily press release notes escalation of violence related to the presidential campaign, the death of the day before in Tambacounda, of two people in clashes between militants from two opposing sides.

Clashes of youth in the ruling coalition, Benno Bokk Yaakaar (BBY) and members of Unity and Rally (PUR) party guards "have left two dead and seven wounded, including two journalists yesterday, in Tambacounda", Le Soleil reports.

"Ibrahima Diop, 31, and Cheikh Toure your Mathieu, 25 years old (was) killed in fighting between the bodyguards of the PUR candidate and the BBY militants in Tambacounda," says the daily L&S observatory, after which 24 people were arrested in associated with these events and did not count on 4 vehicles, 8 wounded, 3 of them serious.

The newspaper Le Quotidien speaks of "3 victims (s) of the ruling coalition accusing the security of the candidate Issa Sall", whose close watch was disarmed and arrested according to several newspapers, including L & # 39; As.

"Pure violence in Tambacounda" thus shows this publication, which is particularly echoing the presidential candidate's reaction. "The law applies without weakness," says Macky Sall.

"Yesterday, instead of a caravan or rally, the journalists accompanying the candidate for the Unity and Rally Party (PUR) saw Issa Sall, an incredible barbarity in Tambacounda," Ace writes.

"Journalists accredited to the Issa Sall campaign team (…) will soon not forget the date of February 11, 2019. They almost lost their lives during a clash between PUR and those of Benno Bokk Yaakaar (…)," Walfquididien adds.

Sud Quotidien notes with all other daily newspapers "escalation" of violence, Vox Populi, for example, even though "chaos" and "killing" for his one.

"The election campaign for the presidential elections in 2019 took a tragic new trip yesterday (..)," says Investigation, "a new twist", according to Vox Populi, of "scenes of chaos" that do things "come to tragedy," says liberation.

While the various political camps accuse themselves, Source A brings all the same bag and notes that power and opposition, "in irresponsible, blows the glow for several days".

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