Thursday , June 17 2021

Volvo is reminiscent of 167,000 XC60 worldwide

This announcement comes two weeks after another recall of 219,000 cars due to the fragility of fuel pipes in the engine compartment.

On Wednesday, the Group announced to its customers the luxury SUV XC60 factories in 2018 and 2019 a "defective component" placed on the tailgate's electric closure, which in the worst case may cause a risk of injury. .

"With the cold, the tailgate lift arm can separate and create noise or cause malfunction," says the manufacturer, who has not identified accidents.

"This is a preventive measure to avoid future problems," says Volvo.

The group sent a letter to all affected customers and asked them to contact the nearest Volvo dealer to rectify the problem for free.

Acquired by American automaker Ford in 2010, Volvo Cars has dramatically improved its accounts and brand image. He also focuses on autonomous cars, where he is today one of the most advanced.

In 2017, the Group announced that it would only start electric or hybrid models starting in 2019 and promised the "historic end" of vehicles equipped with only an internal combustion engine. combustion.

The producer's results for the financial year 2018 are expected on Thursday.

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