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Wade "retro satana" | Daily newspaper General Information

Congratulations to El Hadj Issa Sall, who of all five candidates for the presidential election on February 24, 2019 was the only one with high and clear voice to rebel against the remarks of former President Abdoulaye Wade. In a video broadcast the day before his return to Dakar, President Abdoulaye Wade threatened throughout Senegal to do everything possible to prevent the holding of presidential elections. He had told actions for the day of his arrival on February 7, 2019, the day before the election and election day. More seriously, Abdoulaye Wade, after crossing Senegal's land, allowed diatribes and openly called his followers to burn and break the election materials. Idrissa Seck, Madické Niang and Ousmane Sonko refused to comment on these words could not be more unacceptable out of the mouth of Abdoulaye Wade. Each of these opposition candidates, in the form of a logic of small political calculations, refused to stand out from an anti-republican and undemocratic business. It seems absurd that they remain passive during the campaign, spending a lot of energy on a choice that another politician whose candidate is disqualified because of the common rules of all candidates would like to prevent. Idrissa Seck, Ousmane Sonko and Madické Niang can they be so credible that they still hope that Abdoulaye Wade supports one of them? The most incoherent of all remains Ousmane Sonko, who defines himself as an anti-system candidate, and who, who is trapped in the hard reality of the field, begins to deny everything and try to pursue with Abdoulaye Wade and Pierre Goudiaby Atepa, symbolizing the most eerie faces in this system. Ousmane Sonko should also be naive, to imagine for a moment that Abdoulaye Wade could provide support. When do they understand that only Karim Wade's person counts in his father's eyes? However, Ousmane Sonko may admit that Abdoulaye Wade, by appearing with him and distilling small positive reviews on his person, would show subtly to his followers who would not follow his instructions to sabotage the vote, to vote for Ousmane Sonko. In fact, Abdoulaye Wade would be happy to see Oumane Sonko in front of Idrissa Seck and Madické Niang. Like what, Me Wade has the stubborn courage!
Macky Sall's guilty silence
Outgoing President Macky Sall is the least excused for all candidates. It is a truism to say that until the introduction of a new head of state, he has legitimized the state and the republic of Senegal. No calculation should allow him to remain untouched by Abdoulaye Wade's remarks. His priesthood as head of state requires him to affirm the state's authority and the necessary preservation of public peace and the protection of the Republic's institutions. Nobody asks him to respect Abdoulaye Wade. Despite the weaknesses that Abdoulaye Wade had to put on his person, Macky Sall always showed him respect and reverence that he would not even deserve. Only President Macky Sall should arrange a platform to distinguish between the candidate's position, the man Macky Sall, the head of state. The man Macky Sall was able to accept all the bumpy Abdoulaye Wade. On the other hand, the candidate had to condemn and criticize Wade's words and attitude in the same way as his other competitors. The better thing is that the head of state, whom he appoints, imposes on him the obligation to hear the voice of the Senegalese state. Abdoulaye Wade cannot believe that during this period Senegal would constitute a "no man's land". It would not be superfluous for the head of state to publicly say that "power will remain in law". It would not mean that Abdoulaye Wade would be imprisoned or raped in any way, but a statement would have reassured and would constitute a warning, even in principle against any person who could be called upon to follow the calls to conduct. One can always say that President Sall would not take seriously his predecessors escapades because various circles in his alliance Benno bok yaakaar had to respond to the words of Abdoulaye Wade. This is not enough. We may also consider the security forces looking at the grain. Without a doubt, they would only have been encouraged by the supreme leader's support. Macky Sall's silence is guilty.
May God forbid, but it will never be said enough if overcrowded or vines are induced or promoted by Abdoulaye Wade, the responsibility of state authorities will be complete and complete. Abdoulaye Wade announced the color by sending out a video announcing that he would arrive in Senegal to "sabotage the election". The caution and the least precautions would not have been to allow him to arrive in Senegal. The Senegalese state had the latitude not to allow him to arrive in Senegal if it were only time to pass the election period. In that case, Abdoulaye Wade should have stayed in France and pronounced threats and diatribes, but we could still consider that it would be least harm. In fact, letting him land in Senegal, strutting on the streets and continuing to challenge the state is unacceptable. Surely the state would not be so humiliated if Abdoulaye Wade had not been allowed to embark on Dakar. And yet Senegal could afford it.
Can the applicant's Macky Sall attitude be explained by the fear of turning more Abdoulaye Wade if he objected to his remarks? This would be an unjustified fear. A call from Abdoulaye Wade to vote against Macky Sall could not prevent the re-election of the latter. When Macky Sall came to power after beating him in 2012, Abdoulaye Wade never condemned his stinging defeat and craved revenge. He has therefore systematically been on the ground to slamming Macky Sall, fighting against him in all national elections. It is still that Macky Sall each time won the voices without blunder. This was the case in the 2012 elections to the parliamentary elections, the 2014 electoral meeting, the 2017 elections and the 2016 referendum. What could have changed so that a possible new appeal by Wade to vote against Macky Sall can be just as scary? Perhaps one could swallow such worries for the Wolof joke that the gallinace has an eagle phobia as it was a small chick. What would be for Macky Sall to save against Abdoulaye Wade, who proclaimed urbi an orb that he landed to "debunk Macky Sall, drive him out of the presidential palace"?
Wade disrespects Serigne Mountakha
It had already been known when he had respected the late Serigne Saliou Mbacke that Abdoulaye Wade did not like the religious authorities of Touba. More than once, it has been said and repeated that the arches of Abdoulaye Wade in Touba obey only political opportunism. We still had the good evidence for Friday, February 8, 2019. Abdoulaye Wade visited Khalife General Mourides, Serigne Mountakha Mbacké Bassirou. It was an opportunity to take advantage of this platform for over 80 minutes to insult President Macky Sall. The exercise ended embarrassingly all the Mouride disciples. Abdoulaye Wade showed an imperfection and lack of dress that scandalized more than one. Abdoulaye Wade did not take the least account of the religious guidance he claims to claim. More seriously, Abdoulaye Wade would not have heard a response from the religious guidance, having exhausted all of his in-charge chargers and insults against Macky Sall. He immediately asked for an interview in private. He then cut the grass under his feet to Serigne Mountakha, who, according to his relatives, had planned to "Fragame President Wade and call him to cultivate peace and harmony". Thus, Abdoulaye Wade decided everything, behaved as conquered land until the protocol and agenda of the actual residence of the Khalif des Mourides. Adherence to religious guidance and his relatives did not fail to offend public opinion. How could Abdoulaye Wade have such an attitude? The passivity, shown by the religious authorities in Touba, has sometimes caused a great deal of discomfort. Religious dignitaries in the city of Touba still consider it not to allow a host to commit insults to the head of state or any other person or even any other person in front of the khalifa of extras in his living rooms without being called to order in any way. Serigne Mountakha will be good enough to say he has been annoyed by Wade's behavior that there will always be people being surprised by this laissez-faire. Even during their tete-a-tete, Abdoulaye Wade would not have given any concession to the Khalif of Mourides. The downside is so deep that the calories in Mourides had taken the initiative to call the political actors to bring a word of peace and call calm during the presidential election.
The other peacemakers become deafblind
Abdoulaye Wade would have liked to visit Tidian's Khalif General, but Serigne Mbaye Sy Mansour would have closed the door. It is an attitude that is diametrically opposed to that of the religious authorities of Touba. It can be considered a lesser evil. Receiving Abdoulaye Wade and telling him some good truths would no doubt have been more productive. But it will be comforting that Tivaouane has not offered him a free platform to offend the head of state. We will also regret the silence of the Catholic clergy who had joined a group of civil society personalities to launch appeals to peace. President Macky Sall had received this group and assured him that he would urge his followers to campaign in a spirit of peace. It now appears that the calls for peace were only for the outgoing President's camp and that the opponents could happily feel a speech of troublemakers, arsonists. This civil society initiative had only been introduced when Minister Mame Mbaye Niang made a mistake by bending the muscles to threaten retaliation against possible attacks. He suggested using the "fire chestnuts", a military in the presidential party. Nevertheless, all the threats Mr Wade and his followers had taken through the electoral process did not move the personalities of civil society. As if the reprehensible violence should only be what would come from power!
It must be said that Abdoulaye Wade, who is still in Senegal's political history as the only head of state who has had the blood of more than 14 young Senegalese killed in the election period, would like to install a climate of violence. Since he left power, he systematically mocks Senegalese sleep and seeks to provoke violence. He has repeatedly called publicly for violence. He appears as the spirit of eternal spirit, seeking to create disagreement, confusion and unrest. Such a spirit must be exterminated. It is the Latin formula "Wade retro satana" (which can be translated as "Back, Satan", "Back, Satan", "Get away, Satan" or "Go, Satan"), which was the first word of a Catholic formula used during exorcism sessions. Abdoulaye Wade will try to install Senegal in a situation after the troubles after the elections. He is in a rebellious and putschist logic. This is certainly reflected in his idea of ​​a national transitional council; which would correspond to the suspension of the Republic institutions. Such fantasies, Abdoulaye Wade, had always had his entire career as an opponent of President Abdou Diouf, but he found a rather solid state in front of him. His meeting with Ousmane Sonko on Saturday, February 9, 2019, followed by a delegation of Khalifa Ababacar Sall's relatives, is part of a milestone alliance to contest the outcome of the poll on February 24, and most importantly, plans to cause tension after the elections. . Already, Abdoulaye Wade can count on Trojans, for example. Mamadou Diop Decroix, who made an anchor in the "Idy 2019" coalition to drain this coalition into actions of competition for future achievements. Nor should it be forgotten that the opposition had already announced that it would not recognize the results of the forthcoming presidential election. The rule is clear, it goes to the decision with the decision to reject the results if they are favorable to Macky Sall.

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