Thursday , November 26 2020

When will we see Neil for the last time in the fires of love?

Sunday, February 3, 2019, time has stopped for the teams and the believers Fires of love. Kristoff St. JohnNeil's interpreter, the patriarch of the Winters family, was found dead in his home. At present, the exact conditions of his death are still unknown. His disappearance has at least destroyed his family, his colleagues, and his fans.

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Since this tragic message, the eyes of viewers have also turned to production and scriptwriters. Fires of love. In fact, it is not yet clear what the consequences of death are Kristoff St. John on the intrigue of fiction and Neil's character. Will he leave town? Will the hero be reworked? Will the character die?

⋙ Kristoff St. John's death: Will Neil Winters die in the fires of love?

The answer will be known very quickly as the channel CBS revealed that the last episode is showing Kristoff St. John will be released … today, Wednesday, February 6, 2018! In an official statement, the great US network also explained that a special section that celebrates the comedian will be proposed on Friday, February 8, on its antenna.

Therefore, in France, these dismissals should not be visible for three years due to the diffusion gap between TF1 and the US.

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