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CALL THE MONEY'S MEMORY: Remaining serb to the end | culture

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14 November 2018 13:15 |

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Kinoteca presents the Oscar-winning Karl Malden memoirs

KNJIGA "How I Did It" Karl Malden is much more than a memoir of an Oscar-winning actor. It's also a novel about life and success that proved possible – says Petar Arbutina, editor of the Official Gazette, on promoting this interesting biography in the Yugoslav cinema.

In the publication "Glasnik" and the Association "Srpska veza", this book reveals details of the life of the famous actor Serbian origin Mladen Sekulovic and his way to Hollywood Olympus. And in the greatest days of honor, Malden proudly emphasized his roots, as evidenced by this book he did with his daughter Karl.

Dobrivoje Tanasijevic, Dan Tane, a famous producer and caterer, testified about his great artist and even bigger man and patriot.

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"When we met in 1957, I told him I was Yugoslav, and he told me he was Serbian. When Yugoslavia broke up, he listened to the news and said, "You should have been a Serbian, something that will never fail" – Dan Dan remembered one of the many conversations with Karl Malden.

Journalist Aleksandar Vlajković, who participated in this project and the family Malden involved in the publication of this book, compared the memoir with the famous part of Mihajlo Pupin "From the Pasture to the Scholar":

– Both books have a common, important message – success is on hard work. Maldens memoirs speak of the golden age of Hollywood, of which he was a part, but also of the love of the Serbian people.

PThe book's romance is an introduction to the discovery of the monument to Malden on November 20th at the cinema.


In KNJIZI "How I Got It", Malden wrote about his rise in the time of Golden Hollywood, acting challenges, good friendship, but undoubtedly he spoke of pride of origin.

Arbutina, Vlajković, Pantelić and Dan Tana / Photo V. Danilov

"I'm glad I was born in a Serbian house, that I was born in a Serbian church, which I regularly visit, which I regularly sing in church choir and that I can say I'm Serbian – wrote Malden in his memoirs.

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