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DISCLAIMER OF ALEKSANDRA AND DAVIDA SECRETARY PLAN! It was agreed that he would smoke Anu for € 50,000, but NIKO could not count on OVO! | stars

David Dragojević and Aleksandra Subotić outlined a secret plan to get Ana Korać to win in "Cooperative" and 50,000 euros.

They agreed that David would take Anne and make sacrifices from a fiancé so that the people would vote for her. Dragojević fell in love with Koračev and forgot an appointment with Anne.

"David and Alexandra were thinking of getting rid of the prizes before entering. They were looking for a way to dig a love triangle from the first season that brought the whole Balkans to their feet: Kiju Cooks, Slobo Radanovic and Luna Djogani. blogs, and then they heard that Ana Korac would come into "Cooper." Then they decided to pay attention to her if they did not speak to him with the story of aniogani & # 39; s, "the source addressed in the story explains. .

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After Luna cooled, David threw himself into action with Anne.

"When Joganyu cooled him, he started flirting with Anne. He repeated to her:" I like you, no Sandra, I wanted to be with you. "David Alexandri in the codes said everything went according to plan and it would lead to victory even though he couldn't see his eyes at that time. She stoked and annoyed him but kept the thought of steam with her," the source says, adding:

"But when he realized he was in love with An, he decided to get rid of Subotic." The former athlete began to persuade Alexander to flee rialty, although he was fined 50,000 euros and suggested to Minoo Vrbashki in the head during a fight and stepped out and put pressure on her to cross the fence, "the source said.

David told Alexandria all the time that he would follow her, which didn't happen.

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