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EC: Surprise in Partizan's Group!

EC: Surprise in Partizan's Group!

Trento complicated the situation in Partizan's group! The Trenta Basketball team won ASEL 79:77 in the seventh round of Group C Eurocup. Power from Podgorica exile to Tren's hero – Asvel fell in front of the lantern. A phenomenal batch of American wrestling.

Partizan's team, which is part of this group, did not win the victory of the palace fans because they now have the same scorers, with black and white who have a match less.

Trent led Dustin Hog ​​with 20 points and 10 rebounds to the triumph, while Cancer (11p), Foray (11p) and Flokadori (10p) were still two points.

The defeated Miro Bilan had a Dabl-Dabl performance (16p and 10k), Kaudi scored 15, Sloter scored 14 points, while Ten Maledon finished 10 points and three rebounds.

Serbian basketball players Nikola Radicevic and Nikola Jovanovic did not play for the Italian team.

In the case of other matches, Unique was defeated by Lietuvos Ritas at 87:81, while Tofas celebrated in Poland against Gdynia 87:77.

Prognosis from Podgorica's Buducnost Aaron Kraft has decided to show the course literature that he is a Euroleague caliber, so he led Trentino's launcher to an unexpected victory over Group B's leading team. Asvel played in the finals in Italy – 79:77.

French had two minutes and 46 seconds before the end had a 72:68 lead, but followed a series of home teams at 9: 1. Just Kraft played, scored five points in the two minutes, seven in the last quarter and marked a fuzzy move in goal. Non-slots hit the first free throw and shot an offensive shot, and on instructions from Zvezda Mitrovic's coach, he intentionally missed another penalty. It was the ball in the car and probably Asvel had another attack, but Kraft threw it and remembered for a second that the ball just wandered to the other end of the field. Adequate time to go out.

Kraft finished 11 points, the most effective in the winning team was Dustin Hodz with 20, and he also had 10 rebounds. Beto Gomeš scored 16 points, our Nikola Radičević, just arrived at Trento, did not enter the match.

On the other hand, Miro Bilan scored 16 points and had 10 rebounds, Charles Kaudy was 15 points, Sloter of 14. The former Red Star Red Star Demarchus Nelson scored five points and assisted with three rebounds and three stalks.

Trent's second victory and Asvik's second defeat, which must endure before he can and officially says he is in the top 16 contest.

In Viljnus, Erik Makolum scored 18 points in the final quarter, a total of 26 points (shot for two 8/10), destroyed Ritas and confirmed that it was no coincidence that he was the only one before this round to secure a place in the round – 87:81. And Ritas still has a chance, especially if DiJs Silly is playing tonight (19p, 6a), but in group D, the Russian team simply has no competition.

In Group B, Robert Apso was dominated by rings, but Aseko Gdynia had no solution for the Tofas line. Experienced Sami Mehia scored 22 points with five assists, helped Dijante Geret with 21 points and five more successful passes and the Turks celebrated 87:77.

EC, Group C:

Trento – ASVEL 79:77


18.00 Zenit – Partizan
20.45 Valencia – Turk Telekom

Source: B92 / mozzartsport

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